Help Save a Threatened Species!

  Sea Turtles have been nesting on our beaches for over 100 million years. The population of these ancient mariners has been greatly depleted by loss of nesting habitat, incidental catch by fisheries and exploitation for sea turtle products. Without the help of people like you, they could face extinction in the near future.

  By adopting a sea turtle nest, you will provide funding to the non profit turtle patrols and show your support for the protection of endangered species.

Here's what you will receive when you adopt a sea turtle nest:
  • adoption certificate
  • sea turtle t-shirt (specify size & style and give 2nd choice)
  • sea turtle educational packet
  • nest watching guidelines
  • nest success evaluation report
  • One turtle sticker
    If you really want to get involved, you can do a Hands-On Adoption.

    This involves actually baby-sitting a sea turtle nest. You will go to the beach in the evening to check your turtle nest and report back to the Turtle Patrol if there are any problems. You will provide valuable protection for the nest and you may even be lucky enough to see the hatchlings emerge from the nest and crawl to the sea!

      Printable Form

      Sponsorship fee:$50.00
      Please send along with your:
      Adopter name:______________________
      City, State, Zip:_____________________
      Phone Number: (___)________________
      T-Shirt Style________________________
      T-Shirt Size_________________________
      T-Shirt Color________________________
      What area of the beach you would like your nest?________________________
    (Ponce Inlet north through Flagler Beach)
      Regular Adoption____
      Hands-On Adoption___
      Please make check or money order payable to:
      Volusia/Flagler Turtle Patrol
      4738 S. Peninsula Drive
      Ponce Inlet, FL  32127

    Our Sea Turtle Nest Adoption Program runs from Ponce Inlet north through Flagler County excluding Flagler County State Park and New Smyrna Beach.

    Unlike many of the sea turtle adoptions available through other organizations, our adoptions are real sea turtle nests. Each adoption is an individual nest laid during the current nesting season. Since the sea turtle nesting season in Florida only runs from May through September, nest adoptions made after August 15th will be filled the following season.

        Thank you again for your support.